1. dispute, discord, wrangle, wrangling, bickering, Sl. beef, controversy; contradiction, dissension, variance, difference of opinion; debate, discussion, polemic, logomachy, war of words; contestation, litigation, disputation, argumentation, argument, Inf. words; disagreement, squabble, spat, tiff, Brit. Dial. fratch; personal conflict, Inf. run-in, Inf. hassle, Inf. barney; falling-out, rupture, break, schism, faction, open variance, feud, vendetta.
2. contention, contest, altercation, conflict, clash, Law. chance-medley; Sl. blow-up, row, dustup, Sl. rhubarb, fracas, fray; uproar, brouhaha, brawl, rumpus, Inf. ruckus, breach of the peace; fight, tussle, donnybrook, Scot, and North Eng. threap, Inf. scrap, Inf. set-to; broil, embroilment, imbroglio, Scot. sturt, Scot. collieshangie; strife, tumult, disturbance, commotion, outbreak, declaration of war; scrimmage, riot, squall, pandemonium.
3. issue, question at issue, battleground, bone of contention, disputed point; apple of discord, Latin, casus belli. cause of complaint, objection, root of the trouble.
4. squabble, altercate, have an altercation; argue, disagree, dispute, spar, have words, Inf. pick a crow; fall out, be at loggerheads, be at odds; spat, tiff, quibble, wrangle; differ, contend, break, carry on a vendetta; make something of it, clash, brawl, be at each other's throats; broil, fight, scuffle, conflict, go on the warpath.
5. debate, dissent, have words, raise voices, have a misunderstanding; contend, take issue, object, Scot. thraw; carp, find fault, raise a complaint; scold, nag, Inf. rip into, Inf. tear into, Inf. bawl out, Inf. lace into, Inf. lay out, Inf. let have it.

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